How are our toys made?

 From the very beginnings of Lanco Toys, we had clear that we wanted to cover the entire latex toys production process. This strategy has enabled Lanco Toys to learn more than anyone about latex and its properties, to develop a unique and comprehensive know-how of the production technics and above all, to ensure the excellent quality of our products. Hence, Lanco Toys expertise goes from the design development, to the mould and masters creation till the toy decoration.  


Lanco Toys knows that the essence of our toys is its human factor and the fact that every single step of our production process is fruit of a purely artisanal work. Take a look below to our production process video! 


8 Placing squeaker

Our rubber toys are provided with a cheerful sound thanks to a squeaker placed on them. It should be carefully placed to ensure it is firm and safe for babies to chew and mouth. Some of our articles have no squeaker and hence need to be sealed.