Natural rubber toys made of Hevea tree sap through an artisanal approach: unique and ecologic pieces for a respectful development. 
Created in a collaboration with Wanatoy, a group of multidisciplinary professionals specialized in babies development through playtime. 

lanco baby catalog     

hoa Collection 

Hoa is a sweet presentation of our friends all around the globe providing warmth and love. Simple and beautiful, with inner sound and a perfect shape for holding for the little ones.   

Nalu the Tiger

Nui the Penguin

Kimo the Hippo

kai Collection 

Following our passion for the sea, we have created a collection of sea treasures designed with a lot of care. Aimed to re-discover the magic of our oceans. These designs have been developed by creating gypsum moulds from real pieces.




meakanu Collection 

Mother Nature gifts us with the most varied colors, shapes and smells for our delight. Meakanu is a bow to these magic part of trees who grace us both with infinite beauty and essential roles for Gaia, our world.


Autumn Leaf

Golden Leaf

Gaia Collection 

Gaia is the first Lanco Collection inspired and dedicated to our Mother Earth. Gaia is the personification of the Earth in Greek mythology, and it represents the Earth as one living organism composed by all its living beings.

Kori the Panda



Pic the Bee

Coco the Cat

Astronomía Set

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