Lanco Rubber Ducks: the authentic ecologic and handmade Rubber Duck since 1952.


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classic rubber ducks

Lanco presents the authentic Rubber Ducks Collection made from 100% natural rubber, BPA, phthalates and PVC free, soft and tactile to the touch, with squeaky sound, people and planet friendly produced.

Our Classic Rubber Ducks Collection includes three different sizes and multiple designs.


Find the one matching your personality! 


multicultural rubber ducks


Lanco 100% Natural Rubber Ducks are proudly international and present all around the globe: we value and encourage diversity and multiculturalism because we know it makes each of us richer and wiser.


Diverse cultures and nations united in the Multicultural Rubber Ducks Collection to remember us how wonderful it is to live in a multicultural world. 


Which one is your favorite? 


aquatic rubber ducks

Lanco presents Aquatic Ducks made from 100% natural rubber and entirely inspired in summer vibes: Sea, beach, sun, relaxing and exploring are what this Collection aims for.


Floating, natural and durable aquatic ducks for those who find happiness in sandy feet.


Bring some tropical and sunny feelings to your life with these 100% natural sea-lovers ducks!


loving rubber ducks

Lanco embraces love everywhere.

100% Natural Rubber loving Ducks is the cutest and most charming collection dedicated to love.


Weddings, birthdays, family events; any love celebration is always better when accompanied by a soft natural rubber Lanco duck.


Give an artisanal, natural and original touch to that unique love celebration!


dating rubber ducks


Lovebirds inspire Lanco to create the


Loving 100% Natural Rubber Ducks Collection of different characters of Rubber Ducks who always exchange love and affection.


From siblings, to lovers or friends: make it a shared gift that will always remind you of how special that relationship is.


Who will be your loved one?


rubber ducks at work

Handmade from 100% natural rubber under a completely artisanal work, Lanco presents the Rubber Ducks At Work Collection.


Because in a ducky world each one also has a value and ability to offer: from a cook to a fireman, there is no doubt you will find your professional Rubber Duck.


Do they remind you of anyone special?


sport & leisure rubber ducks

Lanco most extensive 100% natural Rubber Ducks Collection is inspired in fun and hobbies.


A significant amount of natural rubber only dedicated to represent our Rubber Ducks passions, experiences and desires.


The most authentic and varied Collection of Sport & Leisure Rubber Ducks to spot the one truly embodying your interests and passions, which will be yours?