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Seirise, japan

lanco Pets customer


My dog ​​Areku loves Lanco toys.
In particular he loves the duck.

And above all, I love Lanco toys.
Because they are so cute and colorful!


I initially chose Lanco because your mini pet toys were absolutely adorable and the perfect size for my small 3-kilo dog, Cyrus. But it was really his choice. He has a toy box full of toys and for the last 9 years his go-to toy is his Lanco mini-hot dog. He loves that thing so much that he's tried taking it with him on our walks. And it must always be with him at bedtime - he can't sleep without it, and neither can we. When it's misplaced, he's in a panic and that's why we have several as back up. Cyrus is a happy dog with his

Lanco mini-hot dog.

Laurie, The Netherlands

lanco Pets customer

Lanco products are truly amazing. Bought few balls (Trebol, Tennis etc.)

in Barcelona to take all the way to New York for Hallie (a friends dog). Through the whole process Lanco guys were so helpful :-) Especially Clara! 

Hallie loves your products (won´t touch any other toys / products ^^) and can´t have enough of them. I would personally love to see every store in the U.S. and North America selling more of your products. 

Highly recommend Lanco and all their range to everyone"

kathrin, Germany

lanco baby customer

I'm a Rubber Duck Collector and like to photograph them. I love Lanco Rubber Ducks because They are so sweet! 

Lanco toys are made with attention to details and the material is high quality. My Child loves Lanco toys because they are really soft and have a great squeak.


Green vitals


It is difficult to find Lanco dog

toys in America, but we somehow stumbled on the red ball seven years ago, and it is our dog’s most favorite thing in the world. I work as a pilot for a major airline, and on my next trip to Barcelona I plan to bring an empty hockey bag, and fill it with all the Lanco toys I can find.

Kevin, USA

lanco Pets customer

We had lost our hedgehog Bruno, so we contacted Lanco team and his distributor in Germany, and they made possible for us to receive it at home in an incredible short time, and he even came with a friend!, nice team, good hearted people, very sweet and best quality toys.


                   Rachel, Germany

                           lanco baby customer

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Le buone coccole che aiutano a crescere i giochi naturali Lanco Toys.

In my personal opinion, these cilia hairs, horns, tails,

which are present on almost every Lanco toy contribute very much to the baby sensory development.


ethical shopping for

Lanco sensory toys also offer a whole host of educational and developmental benefits.


Fortunately, demand is steadily rising for toys made from natural, organic, sustainable, and eco-friendly materials.

heart beat faster blog

They are PVC and BPA free, have no holes in, and can be used as teethers outside the bath.

huffington post

It has a gentle smell, an endearing squeak, is bright green and soft to touch and light enough for a little one to clutch.

Eventual mother

100% Natural rubber bath toys fantastic for bath time.

kimbee australia

Getting used to different textures is also a big part of learning, so the texture and soft flexibility of Lanco’s toy collection is an important part of a baby’s development.

Crocodile Baby says “Babies can chew and mouth Lanco teether with total safety,” since these they are made of natural rubber.

green vitals

Vicky, UK

lanco Pets customer

Thank you so much for such a lovely response regarding Bertie and his pink egg.. Bertie would be so grateful if you do find any pink eggs at all amongst any other toys. Being that he had such a horrible start to life being sold on being far to young to leave his mum and sold being told he was the right age. And found such a love for the Pink egg.. I have attached a photo of bertie with the belated pink egg.. For you all to appreciate the Joy you bring to these furbabies, especially Bertie. So from us thank you so much and especially from Bertie.